Chatham, Massachusetts

the worst i have ever had.

the food and the staff are so bad.

i have had bad exp. before but not all at once and in one place from bad food to bad service to very over priced.

the only thing nice was leaving and not ever going back.

would never recommend to anyone for the fare of looking like an ***.

words can only say so much,the bad taste it will leave in your mouth will last a long time.

gross all around,two thumbs down,all around.

no good.never again don't waste your time or money,or stomach

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Kinda creepy and weird.

Seems to be the way of the weirdos that claim to see ghosts.

Must be lonely and desperate to see a naked girl he named himself to pass the time at the inn of the dead.

You would think some things should be kept private but must like the attention.

Maybe inhale the cat *** in the dirty room and you see ghosts,or the fumes from the basement.

Either one may play tricks on old ***.


He only sees her and he named her?

Must get lonely at that place...


Only he can see the naked girl dancing...


the inn keeper is a bit scary :upset

:) one minute then.... :( and then.... :upset and all of a sudden :upset 2 min later :p

you never know whos taking over :eek BOOOO!!


:) :( :zzz :p :upset :eek :cry :p



heard they are all bipolar

the place is haunted and the ghosts leap bodies :eek

craziest :zzz place around :upset

it has gone way down hill and its the same stories about the way people are treated :?

hospitality is out at the inn :p

waste of time and money is right :roll

go wear your money is and you are respected 8)

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