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I called the The Orleans Inn last night Feb. 26 , 2010. I called in asking about price ranges & about the haunting experiences. I got a rude mumble when they picked up the phone & short ONE WORD answers . I then thought okay maybe hes tired so I let it slide. I then asked about the haunting experiences there very politely & he proceeded to say " do you what ***** time it is? & he HUNG UP THE PHONE on me . I sat there thinking "wow". I then called in again & as I was speaking he decided to tell me he called the cops and hung up in my face. I thought okay the police are probably laughing at a fool that would call the cops and complain that a CUSTOMER is calling about HOTEL PRICES . I went to bed & in the morning around 1030 I called hoping I could speak to the manager and tell him what had happened last night :

"New Orleans Inn"

"Hi , may i please speak to the manager ?"

"Your speaking to him & I already talked to you yesterday"

"Okay well i'd like to let you know that it was very rude of you to hang up on a customer asking for a room price TWICE. "

"Does that make you feel better?"

"Excuse me , what do you mean does that make me feel better. No it does not . It was VERY unprofessional of you to do that . I would understand if im a child calling in asking foolish questions to mess around but I am 40 years old & that was very rude "

" Okay , that make ya happy?"


*Hangs up the phone*

Im am veryveryvery outraged that he hung up now THREE times. I am guessing he does not care about the way he speaks to customers.

I am very glad i found this site & I just wanted peple to know what happened . Thank you very much for your time.

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The Inn keeper sends the police to the house of a couple in their late 70's to collect a TIP the poor man may of either forgot to leave or did not want to leave one!

Either way Mr.Ed sends the police to collect what he thought was a debt to him at the Orleans Inn!

Not only is it wrong but the couple were also known to him and have been going to the inn for years!

So he could of waited to ask if he forgot or just let it go they paid the over priced bill as is!

That is the kind of person and the way the inn is ran!

What an *** and he goes to show that he thinks the inn is owed more then what you pay,you should be paying double for such great service to have the police show up at your door saying pay more.

I would love to know what police department did that or if it was one of his "on the books cop buddies" who did it for him.

I can't say were I heard this from except that if you ask around the "inn" you will hear it if you have not already.

:x The creepy inn keeper is crazy.


Why would you even bother calling back

The Orleans inn has a bad reputation.

They are a bunch of creeps.

Look at the reviews.

Tell them you like your steak rare it comes out burnt!

They will yell at you in front of the other employees and maybe one other table if that

You wonder why your the only table in there with all other tables are empty

You know why.

The are bad


The Orleans inn is a dump!

The owners are rude,the place smells like moth balls

Has an old moldy smell and the inn keeper has the same stench.

The place is not haunted by ghosts. It's just an excuse for the crazy owners for the urine smelling rooms and loud noises.

The Corbin monoxide is making them even more crazy and freaky then they already are!


No way would they be rude :)

They only yell at customers in front of other customers and attacked by the fat cook if you dont agree the foods not to you're standards if you're steak is not cooked right. :eek

The place is a dump and ran by a bunch of freaks who breath in carbon monoxide and think they see ghots :upset :x

It's no wonder it's a ghost town. :grin

Boo :zzz

Sounds like Tasha is really the manager :p


Didn't this place go out of business...

It's always empty,food was always was bad.

Been a few times was never good.Over priced and rude staff and manager.

Smells like moth balls and low tide.

If it's still open it's a ghost town.


This place advertises *** friendly and *** friendly weddings,yet they call ***'s sinners,and abomination's.

Even their own son...

Which they thank God he is adopted and not "their blood"

Hippocrates and discriminating is more like it.


?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! :?


Not surprised !

And yuk!

Go somewhere else.


ive had bad exp. and heard nothing but bad exp. about the orleans inn!!

i would never go back or rec. to anyone!!

never mind paying for a wedding there!!

look at the reviews from the last few years...

the truth will be told!!

go to wequassett inn for better service and better people.

its your money!!!


grossest and and the worst!!!!

would not recommend to anyone!!!!

look at the reviews!!!

55 days to recover from the poison,then some!!!

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